Female Impotence: Problems in Bedroom

The term "impotence" is commonly referred to as sexual disorders in men. But such diseases are also diagnosed in the female population all over the world. The results of medical statistics suggest that in 35% of cases in women the potency is pathologically reduced or completely absent. To help the fairer sex feel the pleasure of intimacy is not easy.

After all, in order to find the right solution to the problem, it is necessary to visit the therapist, an endocrinologist, a sexologist, a psychotherapist. In order to deal with the sexual dysfunction in women successfully, it is necessary to find out the reason. Learn what may cause the female frigidity and how to treat it.

What Is Female Sexual Dysfunction?

Recently, experts haven't taken seriously the notion of "female impotence". After all, physiologically, a woman is always able to have sex. However, without the excitation preceding the onset of sexual intercourse, there is no reflex humidification of the vagina, because of which sexual contact only brings disappointment and pain to the partner. In addition, the absence of lubricant leads to the emergence of microcracks on the walls of the genitalia, which are the gateway to various infections.

What does frigid mean? Female sexual arousal disorder

Therefore, it is very important to recognize the signs of erectile dysfunction, to identify the causes of its occurrence and to find effective treatment of the disease.

Female sexual dysfunction is a serious and very common problem of modern urogynecology, which has a great impact on the normal life of women. However, only a small number of women decide to ask for professional help. Of course, the question is rather delicate and not every woman will dare to talk about her intimate problems to an outsider, even a doctor. In addition, this question is rather poorly covered even in special medical literature.

But in actual fact the problem turned out to be much more serious than it was previously thought, and therefore requires thorough and detailed study.

Patients note that they are very rarely attracted to the partner or do not appear at all. Often, patients have no fantasies and thoughts about sex, which would be accompanied by excitement. Frigid women are not interested or irritated by conversations on sexual topics. At the initiative of the man, patients with gipolibideemia enter into intimacy, but they usually perceive sex as a duty. In most cases, at the time of intimacy, they cannot be excited - specific pleasant sensations in the genital area do not appear, vaginal lubrication is released in insufficient quantities.

Sexual acts and masturbation are completed without orgasm, a subjective sense of satisfaction and relaxation. Since in some cases the cause of frigidity is gynecological diseases, women during or after sex may experience pain in the lower abdomen, vagina, rectal area.

Low sex drive in women and female orgasmic disorder

Disorders in the female sexual sphere can have a significant impact on the quality of life, because they lead to a disruption of the relationship between a man and a woman, affect moral issues, contribute to the manifestation of certain prejudices.

Female sexual disorders disturb the emotional balance and bring discord into interpersonal intra-family relationships. Dysfunctions can accompany many diseases, but most often they are burdened by primary sexual disorders of a specific nature. Prevention and treatment of female sexual dysfunction are important not only from a medical, but also from a social point of view.

Causes of Female Frigidity. Female sexual arousal disorder

Frigidity is a sexual dysfunction, which manifests itself with the completely absent or decreased sexual desire (libido), excitement during intimacy and orgasm. In addition to losing interest in sex and dissatisfaction with sex life, patients can complain of pain during or after sexual intercourse.

Female sexual disorders and female sexual arousal signs

In the diagnosis of the disorder, an important role is played by careful collection of anamnesis, gynecological examination, ultrasound, hormonal background research and consultations of related specialists. Treatment is complex with the correction of concomitant diseases, the appointment of hormones, vasoactive drugs, psychotherapy and physiotherapy.

Sexual coldness in women is a polyethnic dysfunction, usually occurring when combined with several predisposing factors. Specialists in the field of female sexopathology distinguish several groups of causes leading to frigidity:

  • Hormonal imbalance. Libido disappears or decreases with increased secretion of prolactin by the pituitary gland, a violation of the endocrine function of the ovaries with hypoestrogenemia, and a change in the ratio between the various groups of sex hormones.
  • Accompanying illnesses. Temporary or permanent weakening of sexual desire is observed against diabetes mellitus, hypo- and hyperthyroidism, hypertension, angina pectoris, renal insufficiency, polyarthritis, autoimmune diseases, multiple sclerosis, oncology and other serious diseases.
  • Diseases of the uterus and appendages. The emergence of pain during sex with adnexitis, salpingitis, vulvitis, submucous and subserous myomas, dryness of the vagina in postmenopause provokes a partial or total absence of an intimate attraction.
  • Reception of medicines. To decrease the libido leads treatment with some antihypertensive and antihistamine drugs, antidepressants, neuroleptics, sedatives, alcohol, amphetamines and other drugs.
  • Violation of the development of the sexual sphere. Frigidity occurs when delayed maturation of sexuality in young girls, anatomical defects of female genital organs associated with underdevelopment or inadequate innervation of the muscles of the pelvic floor.
  • Psychological problems. Sexual desire is completely absent or significantly reduced after severe psychotrauma, including rape or treason, against chronic fatigue, conflictual relationships with a partner, etc. Dysfunction can be associated with childhood memories.

Scientists have proved that it can be memories of violence in childhood, about the unsuccessful first sexual experience. Parental education also plays an important role.

Low libido in women and female infertility

For example, if a girl grew up in a too strict family and she was incorrectly informed on sexual matters, it is quite realistic that at a more mature age she will face frigidity. In addition to childhood, real life is very influential. It can be various stresses, problems in the family or conflicts at work.

Often a woman's gender influence or an idealized image of a woman that is shown in advertising on TV is often very influential for a woman (one woman sees another, more ideal, and on the basis of this can manifest complexes that contribute to the development of the disease).

When determining the form, type and severity of dysfunction take into account a number of factors. Currently, a classification of frigidity by several criteria is proposed.

By time of occurrence:

  • Primary - sexual attraction did not occur in a woman never in her life.
  • Secondary - dysfunction manifested in a patient who previously led a normal intimate life.

By reversibility:

  • Irreversible (organic, true) - found causes that cannot be eliminated by modern methods.
  • Reversible (functional, temporary) - sexual attraction can be restored after eliminating the causes that caused it.

Vaginismus as a Cause of Impotence in Women

Vaginismus is a disease characterized by contraction of the muscles of the vagina during an attempt to perform sexual intercourse. The compression of the muscles of the vagina occurs as a result of the reflex stress of the muscles of the pelvic floor surrounding the vagina.

Vaginal pain during sex. How to cure vaginismus?

Muscular contraction can be so dense that the entrance to the vagina completely "overlaps", and the partner cannot enter the penis into the vagina. A woman may not even suspect that this is the cause of the difficulties with vaginal penetration and pain during intercourse.

In some cases, vaginism manifests itself in a burning sensation, acute or tingling pain during intercourse. In other cases, vaginal penetration may be difficult or impossible. Vaginismus is the main cause of unrealized marital relations.

Muscle contraction can be so dense that the entrance to the vagina completely overlaps, and the partner cannot enter the penis into the vagina. Painful sensations cease with the termination of attempts at sexual intercourse; if the introduction of the penis into the vagina is possible, often the sexual intercourse has to be interrupted or suspended due to pain or discomfort.

Types of Vaginismus:

  • Primary vaginismus - If a woman has no experience of painless intercourse due to involuntary contraction of the pelvic floor muscles, the disease is classified as primary vaginismus. Some women suffering from primary vaginismus also cannot use tampons and have difficulty in gynecological examinations. Many married couples cannot have sex in connection with primary vaginismus.
  • Secondary vaginismus - Vaginismus can also occur in older women, even after years of painless sexual relations. This type of vaginismus, called secondary vaginismus, is usually provoked by diseases, traumatic events, childbirth, surgery, changes in life (for example, the onset of menopause).

Vaginismus is a common cause of constant pain during intercourse and the main cause of failed (unrealized) marital relations. The problem of painful intercourse can occur in women at different ages, even in women who have enjoyed the enjoyable intimate life for many years. Although the temporary sense of discomfort that occurs during intercourse is not a cause for concern, continuing for a long time the problems must be diagnosed and treated.

Vaginal muscle spasm. How to treat vaginismus?

Vaginismus is effectively treated as a result of the course of treatment; as a result complete overcoming of vaginismus is achieved. Effective treatment of vaginismus does not require the use of drugs, surgical operations, hypnosis or other complex invasive methods. Carrying out a simple program in most cases, couples achieve the main goal: full and painless sexual relations.

How to Treat Female Impotence? Female Sexual Problems

The female impotence therapy is aimed at eliminating the causes that caused dysfunction.

Female sex pills and treatment for low libido in females

Depending on the etiology of frigidity for its treatment, the following can be recommended:

  • Therapy of the underlying disease. Improving the state of health and reducing the clinical manifestations of the disease or condition, against which libido is violated, is accompanied by the restoration of sexual desire.
  • The drug therapy. If the patient takes medications that can affect the libido (Female Viagra), they are replaced or canceled.
  • Estrogens. Effective for dysfunction, which appeared against the background of pathological or age-related hypoestrogenemia. In the absence of contraindications, estrogens are prescribed in the form of skin patches, vaginal creams, tablets, rings, etc.
  • Androgens. To enhance the intimate attraction, male sex hormones can be used that stimulate the brain regions responsible for the stimulation.
  • Vasoactive drugs. In randomized trials, the efficacy of treating patients with frigidity with sildenafil-based drugs has been proven to be effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men.
  • Sedatives and antidepressants. Drugs can be prescribed that reduce or eliminate emotional tension, anxiety, and mood.

The easiest way to treat frigidity at home is using medicinal plants. According to scientific research, some herbs are able to renew the female libido and help to forget about frigidity.

Treatment at home can be done with the help of such simple recipes:

  • You need to take 5 tablespoons of dried basil flowers and mix them with 5 tablespoons chopped yarrow herb. This mixture is poured with wine (1 liter) and insist for three weeks, periodically shaking the vessel. Take the medicine three times a day, 3 tablespoons after meals;
  • Seeds of coriander also perfectly help to defeat frigidity. The treatment is done by taking 2 teaspoons of seeds and filling them with a glass of water. The solution is thoroughly stirred and immediately begins to drink. This amount must be consumed per day;
  • Take 1 tablespoon herbs nettle, dandelion, St. John's wort, chamomile flowers and rose hips. All components are chopped and poured with boiling water in a thermos. Insist 2 hours, strain and drink throughout the day.
  • Yohimbine. This powerful aphrodisiac can increase sexual arousal to get more vivid impressions of the whole sexual intercourse: from preliminary caresses to orgasm. The recommended dose of Yohimbine is 15 drops, which can be added to any non-alcoholic beverage 20-30 minutes before sexual intercourse.

Since in more than half of cases, psychogenic factors lead to suppression of libido, working with a psychologist or psychotherapist makes it possible to harmonize relations, eliminate stressful or conflict situations or change the reaction to them.

Female sex supplements and loss of libido treatment

In complex therapy of frigidity, exercise therapy is also used (exercises for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles are shown), mud procedures, sedentary baths, vaginal irrigation and other physiotherapy techniques that increase blood flow to the genitals, aromatherapy, stimulating biologically active additives, auto-training, stimulation of erogenous zones and meditative techniques.

In 93-95% of cases, complex therapy of sexual dysfunction can restore or increase sexual desire, only 5-7% of women with true frigidity treatment is ineffective. For the prevention of sexual coldness, a healthy lifestyle with sufficient physical activity, a rational mode of work and rest, a balanced diet, timely treatment of diseases that reduce libido, justified prescription of medications, calm and quick resolution of problems in interpersonal and working relationships is recommended.

Medicines to Increase Libido in Women

In the case when the libido is present but it is not sufficient, it is possible to treat frigidity in women at home. To do this, use natural aphrodisiacs - pollen, ginseng, royal jelly. These products contribute to the production of sex hormones and are natural antidepressants. The female sex hormone responsible for the harmony of sexual relations is called estrogen. It will be produced in sufficient quantities, provided that the necessary amount of microelements and vitamins, in particular - vitamin E.

How to increase sex drive in women?

Like any pathology, frigidity in women requires treatment. If the disorder is not of a physiological nature, a woman can cope with it on her own. The independent treatment of frigidity in women consists in the manifestation of the initiative in sexual relations, the search for new poses for pleasure, frank communication with the partner.

Arrange yourself a quiet romantic evening with aromatic candles, use beautiful linen, pleasant music. Of course, it is very important to have an engagement and understanding from the sexual partner who should listen to your desires and spare no time for preliminary caresses.

In medicine, various medicines are used to treat frigidity. Among them: Tribestan and Tribulustan, which do not have side effects and effectively relieve many women's ailments, including those associated with hormonal failures. Treatment of frigidity in women with pills must be strictly coordinated with the doctor, because only he can know exactly what kind of drug is needed in your case.

How to increase female libido? Sex pills for women. Female Viagra

Female Viagra is well-known among women with sexual problems. First of all, it should be noted that men's and women's Viagra fundamentally differ from each other in the form of their impact.

In the case of men, the drug is needed in order to increase blood pressure and simultaneously relax the blood vessels in the penis. Thus, blood enters the body more easily and the man experiences sexual arousal.

In women, it's all quite different. Viagra has a direct effect on the brain, increasing the level of dopamine.

Treatment of frigidity in women is also carried out with medicinal herbs. But such therapy requires patience, because these drugs must be taken regularly for a long period. To do this, use the pharmacy tincture of the golden root.

Use boringly three times a day before eating 15 drops of tincture. The course of treatment is three months; alcohol tincture of aralia. Use 30 drops twice a day - in the morning and after dinner. In the evening, this tincture is not recommended.

Treatment of frigidity in women. Libido enhancer for women

Pantocrinum is a pharmaceutical preparation, it is made on the basis of deer antlers. Dosage - 35 drops three times a day for three months. Unfortunately, treatment of frigidity in women with medications is not always effective. In this problem, the psychological mood of a woman and her willingness to receive and give pleasure is very important.

An important role in treatment is also given to a patient and a sexual partner. Seeing a good sex therapist is a must. Often, after several psychological sessions a woman forgets about the problem of frigidity forever.

Can Viagra Help Female Sexual Dysfunction?

The active ingredient Sildenafil is used in such preparations for women, as: Female Viagra, Lady Era. Also it can be purchased under its own name.

Female viagra pill or viagra for women

Female Viagra tablets are an effective tool for increasing libido in women, which can be purchased in a pharmacy without a prescription, although, according to the instructions, a recipe for leave in the retail network is laid.

"Sildenafil" helps to cope with severe sexual disorders. It is indispensable after taking contraceptives, which negatively affect the female libido.

The effect of the remedy is based on the fact that the blood vessels expand in the genital organs and the blood flow increases. A woman becomes more sexually active and sensitive.

Tablets begin to act in an hour, the action lasts up to 6 hours. After 4 hours, the concentration in the blood drops by half.

Just one pill of the Female Viagra per day contributes:

  • increased release of lubricant;
  • increased sexual desire and libido, including;
  • swelling of the labia and clitoris;
  • increased blood flow to the labia;
  • increase in the number of orgasms up to 5 times.

After taking the drug, headaches and nasal congestion are possible. Start with the minimum dosage.

How to take Female Viagra?

The initial intake of Female Viagra tablets should begin at half the recommended dose. Usually this is 50 mg. The drug begins approximately 30 minutes later. and lasts up to 4-5 hours, depending on individual health indicators. Drink the drug is recommended only with water, other drinks can cause an unplanned reaction and negate the effectiveness of the drug.

What happens if a woman takes viagra?

Women's Viagra not only increases blood flow to the genitals, but also increases the sensitivity of erogenous zones, increases the release of lubricant, makes sexual intercourse as high-quality and desirable for both partners.

Does Cialis increase libido? Cialis for Women

Tadalafil is the basis of the drug Cialis and its generics. Therefore, they have the same action. Initially, this drug was created for men and it is not intended for use by women.

Does cialis work for women? Female cialis

The mechanism of the effect of Female Cialis is similar to the male preparation Cialis. Drugs that increase sexual desire have the same active component of Tadalafil, which helps to increase desire. It causes a chain of consecutive chemical reactions in the female body.

The result - increased blood circulation, blood flow to the genitals of a woman, improved sensitivity during sexual intercourse. The drug does not cause sexual arousal. Treatment of frigidity with this drug is not carried out. Judging by the reviews, he helped 35% of women out of 100%.

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