How to Increase Testosterone Levels in Men

Testosterone is one of the most important hormones produced by the endocrine system. It can be found in both sexes, but especially in men. And for them, it is important in the first place. It is this hormone that is responsible for those properties of the male organism that make it different from women in the biological plane. And therefore it is extremely important for a man to maintain a sufficiently high level of this hormone.

But, nevertheless, sometimes in the functioning of the endocrine system failures occur, and the level of the hormone decreases. Can this phenomenon be prevented? Here, you will find answers to all questions connected with the testosterone level in men.

What is testosterone and what does it do? Male hormone levels

Testosterone belongs to the class of androgens - male sex hormones of steroid nature, sometimes called steroids or anabolic steroids. In men, testosterone is produced in the testes, and the hypothalamus and pituitary gland control this process. Thus, the hypothalamus "instructs" the pituitary gland to see how much testosterone is needed, and the pituitary gland transmits the message to the testes.

Male hormone levels

The main role of testosterone is that it participates in the development of male genital organs before birth and in the development of secondary sexual characteristics (voice change, penis enlargement, facial and body hair growth) during puberty. This hormone plays an equally important role in sex, sperm production, fat distribution in the body, production of red blood cells and maintenance of muscle strength and mass. In women, testosterone is produced by the ovaries and adrenal glands, but the total level of the hormone in the body of a woman is 10-20 times less than that of a man.

Testosterone is responsible for the formation of the body by the male type. This process begins in infancy, continues in childhood and adolescence and ends in adulthood. However, the role of testosterone is not only in the formation of reproductive organs and external sexual characteristics. Testosterone plays a significant role in the metabolism, in the maintenance of human health. With his participation the process of spermatogenesis is carried out.

Low testosterone in men

Testosterone is responsible for the formation of the muscular and skeletal system, for regulating body weight. Testosterone is also responsible for many mental processes. For example, testosterone neutralizes the effect of the stress hormone cortisol. Thanks to the influence of the hormone, a man feels joy from life and optimism.

Do I have low T? The Optimum Levels of Testosterone for Male Body

Table 1 - Normal testosterone levels in men.

Total testosterone, (nmol/L) 12 – 33
Biologically active testosterone, (nmol/L) 3,5 – 12
Free testosterone, (pg/mL) 4,5 – 42

The overall norm for men is 12-33 nmol/L (345-950 ng/dL). These are the indicators that a man must "fit in" during his life, without taking into account the age category. If age differences are taken into account, it turns out that in young men under 25 years the desired minimum of testosterone starts from the average values of the norm, and for men over 50 it is necessary to maintain a level not lower than the critical level.

In men, testosterone is synthesized in the sex glands - testicles as well as in the adrenal cortex. According to its chemical structure, the substance belongs to the class of steroids. Also, in the process of hormone synthesis, the pituitary and hypothalamus are involved, which secrete enzymes that give the endocrine system command to begin the synthesis of the hormone.

Low t symptoms. Low testosterone

For the most part, testosterone in the body is associated with various proteins. Free testosterone is approximately 2% of the total amount of the hormone. Testosterone in young men at the age of 18-20 years reaches the maximum concentration. Then, the level of the hormone begins to decrease. Approximately from 35 years the testosterone level drops by 1-2% per year.

Reducing the amount of the hormone in the blood in men with age is a natural process. However, there is often a situation where a low level of hormone occurs in men of young and middle age. This situation, of course, is not normal and requires treatment.

Reasons for the Decline of Testosterone Hormone and Health Consequences

What causes low T

Reasons of the decline of testosterone in men are the following:

  • Age. After a certain age period (40 years), a decrease in testosterone production occurs. The decrease in testosterone is caused by age-related changes and is an irreversible process. Due to severe androgen deficiency, hormonal therapy is necessary.
  • Nutrition. An improper diet, lacking the necessary vitamins and minerals for men, may be the main cause of low testosterone levels. It is important to provide the body with building material for the formation of a testosterone molecule. In the diet, men should include products that increase testosterone and exclude products that lower testosterone.
  • Excess weight. One of the most dangerous causes of a drop in testosterone. What is dangerous for excess weight in men? First, the production of male hormones is suppressed. Secondly, the production of female sex hormones, estrogens, is launched. Estrogens in the male body further inhibit the production of testosterone.
  • Bad habits. Alcohol, tobacco, drugs contribute to a decrease in testosterone.
  • Lack of physical activity. Physical training and exercises with weights help increase testosterone. This concerns a moderate training plan (3-4 per week).

Conversely, excessive physical exertion and everyday exhausting workouts can cause low testosterone.

Low testosterone side effects


  • Decreased volume and strength of muscles. Testosterone has an anabolic effect, i.e. responsible for the growth and strength of muscles. Therefore, with low testosterone, there is a decrease in muscle mass and strength.
  • Decreased libido and erectile dysfunction. Since testosterone is responsible for sexual desire, along with its fall, there is a weakening of sexual desire.
  • Increased irritability.
  • Increase the deposition of excess fat. The lack of testosterone slows the metabolism, subsequently leading to the deposition of fat.
  • Reduction of the hairline. The hair covering on the body and face is one of the sex signs of a man.
  • Gynecomastia (breast growth in men). It is observed with a strong and prolonged decrease in testosterone. If testosterone is not lowered to a critical level, you can try to increase testosterone naturally. Otherwise, it is necessary to undergo substitution therapy with testosterone, which will be prescribed by the attending physician.

Symptoms of Testosterone Decrease. Effects of Low T

In most cases, low levels of testosterone will be implicated extremely implicitly - for example, in the form of insomnia. Only an andrologist on the basis of a blood test can uniquely diagnose this problem.

  • Decreased ejaculate volume. The higher the level of testosterone in a man, the more seminal fluid the body produces, whereas against a background of low testosterone, the volume of ejaculate usually falls. In this case, the interval between ejaculations affects solely the concentration of spermatozoa, but not the total volume of the seed, as many mistakenly believe.
  • Termination of nocturnal erections. A healthy man should experience a morning or night erection at least 3-4 times a week, because it is associated more with daily changes in testosterone levels, rather than with the content of dreams. Chronic lack of such erections may be associated with a decrease in testosterone.
  • Sharp tides of heat. The decrease in the level of hormones during male andropause, as in the case of women's menopause, provokes hot flashes - an unexpected feeling of warmth, starting from the head and descending below. Sweating at this time also rises sharply.
  • Changing character traits. Low testosterone noticeably dulls the aggressiveness of the traits of a masculine character. If even the excessively rude behavior of others around you is no longer irritating - do not write it off on the wisdom that has come with age. Most likely, this is a decreasing level of sex hormones.
  • Difficulties with erection: Testosterone not only stimulates the sex drive of a man but also helps to achieve and maintain an erection: in itself, it does not cause an erection, but activates certain receptors in the brain to produce nitric oxide. Nitric oxide, in turn, triggers a series of chemical reactions necessary for the onset of an erection. As you know, in bodybuilding, nitric oxide supplements are used to dilate blood vessels and fill them with blood. Erection is the result of filling the penis with blood. When the level of testosterone is too low, a man may have difficulty achieving an erection before sex or have spontaneous erections (for example, during sleep).

However, testosterone is just one of many factors that contribute to a normal erection. Studies do not allow to make an unambiguous conclusion that hormone therapy with testosterone is effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction: in about half of the experiments it turned out to be ineffective.

effects of low T

What are the Natural Ways to Increase Testosterone?

Low testosterone in men is the cause of many unpleasant effects, which in the mass are aimed at killing a man in him. The situation is not hopeless, you can fight it. But first you need to make sure that the problem is really in testosterone. Even some men of young and middle age can have a low level of testosterone. If this is not associated with a particular disease, then it is easy to restore the normal level of androgens. To do this, special nutrition principles are used (certain foods, vitamins and minerals), physical exercises (with weights and aimed at improving the work of the testicles), sleep normalization and other important nuances.

Natural testosterone replacement therapy

Features of Nutrition to increase Testosterone Levels

Without adequate nutrition, you can forget about testosterone in general. Since the production of hormones is a complex process, implying the well-coordinated work of many organs and systems, it is necessary to provide the body with the necessary substances to start it. This can be compared to a bonfire: to light a large fire, it is necessary a lot of wood - without it, there will be no fire. The same goes for the development of androgens.

What to include in the ration:

  • Minerals. The main mineral required for the synthesis of testosterone is zinc. Therefore, first of all you should take care of its sufficient intake with food or supplements. Zinc is found in seafood (oysters, squid, crabs), fish (anchovies, carp, herring), walnuts (walnuts, almonds, peanuts, pistachios), pumpkin and sunflower seeds. Other necessary minerals that improve the effectiveness of testosterone are calcium, selenium and magnesium;
  • Vitamins. For complete health, the body needs all vitamins, but a special role in increasing the level of testosterone is played: vitamin C - an antioxidant, inhibits the production of cortisol; vitamin E - antioxidant, helps insulin cope with increased sugar; vitamin D - helps the absorption of calcium, converts estrogen into its weaker forms; omega-3 and omega-6 are essential acids, are an integral part of the pathway of testosterone biosynthesis; vitamins of group B - I participate in thousands of biochemical reactions, increase the synthesis of sex hormones. These vitamins are found in citrus fruits, berries, fish oil, fruits, vegetables, nuts;
  • Proteins, fats, carbohydrates are the basis of human nutrition and vital activity, without which there is not a single biochemical process, including the synthesis of testosterone. For example, fats are sources of cholesterol, which is the basis for a molecule of testosterone. Therefore, men need to balance the diet so that there is no shortage of these substances.
  • Water. Depending on the body weight, a person should drink about 1.5 liters of normal treated water per day. Increased water intake is necessary if you are actively involved in sports. And remember, the water is not - soda, shop juices, sweet drinks and stuff.

How to increase testerone in men?

What to exclude from the ration:

However, not all food will work to normalize the hormonal background.

Try to exclude from the diet:

  • Fast carbohydrates (pastries, buns, white bread, chocolate, sweets).
  • Fatty foods. Such food contains a lot of cholesterol and fat, forming excess weight.
  • Fizzy and carbonated drinks. Contain a lot of sugar and are generally harmful to health.

Rejection of Bad Habits for Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Alcohol in the body of a man provokes the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. In addition, it causes systemic harm to the entire body, which cannot but affect the production of hormones for the worse. Degrees of alcohol do not matter in its negative effect. For example, beer contains analogues of female sex hormones, which catastrophically affects the hormonal background. The exception is natural red dry wine, which, on the contrary, inhibits the action of the aromatase enzyme, responsible for the metabolism of testosterone in estrogen.

Testosterone replacement therapy

What to do about low T? Physical Training

A significant increase in the hormonal background is carried out by training large muscle groups. If you believe that active training of biceps, triceps, calves, press and forearms will give you the right level of hormone, then you are mistaken - only the training of large muscle groups is capable of this.

What to do about low t

Besides the gym, you can do the following exercises:

  • Walking. Despite the seeming simplicity and naturalness of walking, it is an excellent physical activity to enhance the synthesis of the hormone. During walking, the testicles are evenly wiggled in a free vise (make sure that underwear allows it), which sets the pace of synthesis of sex hormones. When walking, a kind of massage testicles, which leads to an improvement in the hormonal background. Especially it is felt, if by the nature of activity a man, throughout the day, has to walk a lot.
  • Running. Explosive short-term work of muscles promotes a burst of testosterone and growth hormone, while prolonged cardio helps to release cortisol - one of the testosterone antagonists. It is enough to look at the difference in the physiques of a sprinter and a marathon runner. But this does not mean that you need to completely avoid long cardio workouts - they just need to be dealt with moderately if your priority is to improve the hormonal background.
  • Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic region and deflections. It does not have to be heavy exercises. For example, you can perform circular pelvis rotations, slopes to the sides and other warm-up exercises. Also exercises for deflection of the spine (for example, "Pose of Cobra" from yoga) will be useful. Such a small complex of exercises will affect the hormonal background only if it is systematically performed.
  • Specialized exercises. Specialized exercises means the training of the pubic-coccygeal muscle, which is located in the perineal region. Training this muscle not only improves the blood supply of the genital organs, but also contributes to the active transfer of testosterone from the area of its production into the bloodstream, where it exerts its positive effect on the body.

Low T treatment. Normalization of Sleep and Mental State

The next stage of low T treatment: Sleep for 6-8 hours a day. This is just as much as necessary for sleep, and not at all the amount of time you spend in bed. A deep sleep is the time of testosterone. Scientists who study sleep speak of its five stages, the so-called sleep architecture. Basically during sleep you go through the hour and a half cycles. The last 15 minutes of each cycle are restorative portions of deep sleep. With deep sleep our eyes move quickly. That's when we see dreams; as if our eyes quickly look through the films projected from within.

Low T treatment

Deep sleep is also part of the cycle with the maximum production of testosterone. It is at these intervals that men develop erections lasting an average of 15 minutes and repeating throughout the night at intervals of 1.5 hours. Therefore, men should wake up with an erection. The quality and duration of deep sleep depends a lot in the physical and emotional state: resistance to stress, internal energy, including the production of sperm, strengthening of bones, the emergence of ambition. In order to make a deep sleep much better, carefully follow the recommendations below.

Stress is also an enemy of testosterone as the hormone is forced to withstand all the negative effects of stress. When testosterone levels do not match the norm, there is an interest in things that you used to enjoy. You become emotionally withdrawn and distant, not wanting to communicate with loved ones. You are easily irritable. You become sarcastic and cynical. You lose confidence in yourself. You have lost the desire to have sex.

Low T therapy: Regular Sex

Regular sex is very necessary for the therapy of low testosterone levels.

Scientists have conducted a series of studies on how sex affects testosterone, and concluded that the hypothesis of the negative effect of sex on testosterone levels was not confirmed. Rather, on the contrary, experts studying sexual dysfunction and its relationship with testosterone level came to the conclusion that due to constant sex in the male body, a luteinizing hormone is produced that contributes to the process of producing testosterone.

Sex for Low T therapy

But from prolonged abstinence, these processes are significantly slowed down. Even after a single sexual contact, the concentration of testosterone is temporarily increased.

If abstinence lasts too long (from 1 to 3 months), then the level of this hormone approaches the level in children. Recent scientific studies have shown that the first week of abstinence does not affect the level of testosterone, after that its content can dramatically increase, and it also begins to fall sharply.

Therefore, to maintain a normal level of testosterone in the body, an active sex life is necessary, not overshadowed by any disorders in the form of erectile dysfunction. But even with this problem you can cope with modern medical drugs.

Drugs that Increase Testosterone in Men. The best low T supplements

Men are more conservative, therefore prefer to adhere to old, proven methods of fighting erectile dysfunction, choosing the traditional Viagra. But with the advent of new drugs it is worth considering what to choose Cialis or Viagra. Cialis is a new generation drug that has been developed taking into account all the weaknesses of its predecessors, and has undeniable advantages over them. The most important of them is the time of action.

Best low t supplements. Viagra

In Viagra it is only 5-6 hours, while Cialis allows you to feel confident for a long 36 hours. For this, it is sometimes called a weekend tablet, because you can indulge in love joys from Friday evening to Sunday morning, feeling confident. Another advantage is the onset of the action, which Cialis comes in 20-30 minutes after taking, while Viagra starts working only an hour later.

The next indicator is the interaction with food. In this regard, Viagra is very choosy and reacts to fatty food by reducing its effectiveness. Cialis does not reduce the effectiveness of any food. Therefore, if the question arises Cialis or Viagra, then preference is best given to a more effective drug for your body. Try a set of tester on our website, to choose the best option.

Testosterone pills. Low T medication. Viagra and Cialis

There is a certain category of men who don't like taking pills. There is Cialis gel, which has all the properties of a tablet preparation. It contains the same active substance - Tadalafil, so the effectiveness of the gel is the same. However, the gel also has its advantages - there is no need to wash the drug down with water and due to resorption through the oral cavity it is several times faster than the traditional preparation.

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