Prevention of Impotence in Men: How to Reduce Risks?

According to experts, 10 million men suffer from impotence. This term is used when a man is unable to support the introduction of the penis (penetration) before the onset of ejaculation. Until the early 1970s, experts believed that most of the problems with erection are associated with the psyche. Currently, doctors have found that almost half of men suffering from impotence are partially responsible for physical or structural changes.

Impotence (erectile dysfunction) - the inability to achieve or support the erection necessary for sexual intercourse. Impotence can adversely affect the quality of life not only for men, but also for their partners. Prevention of impotence is an effective way to avoid this problem, because the opinion that impotence mainly causes psychological problems is mistaken. Of course, stress and depression contribute to the development of erectile dysfunction, but they are usually secondary.

Stay erect longer. How to avoid impotence?

In fact, impotence in about 80% of all cases is of an organic nature - the following diseases are "guilty": diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases. Causes can also be damage to the nerves that go to the penis (with trauma, surgery), side effects of all kinds of drugs (some drugs for the treatment of hypertension, antidepressants and diuretics). For most organic causes (except injuries and surgeries) impotence tends to slow the development. Prevention of impotence is needed not to suffer from the ED transformation into a severe form.

Healthy Eating as Impotence Prevention. Best foods for ED

Regardless of the cause of sexual impotence, the doctor will prescribe medication and advise to adhere to a special ed diet. Correctly selected the best food for ed will help a man to regain strength.

ED diet and best foods for ED

  • Products containing omega-3, omega-6, omega-9 fatty acids that will help increase potency- Seafood: herring, mackerel, Pacific salmon and flaxseed, the seeds all contain an ideal proportion of fatty acids: Omega-3, Omega-6, Omega-9, which will help remove fat from the vessels of the penis;
  • Fats: linseed oil 2 h spoons a day, at a time no more than 1 h spoons;
  • Avocado with cottage cheese. Avocado is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, which contribute to an increase in blood flow in the vessels of the penis;
  • Raw yolk quail eggs with fresh vegetables and herbs. Quail yolk contains vitamin B4 (choline), which prevents the ingress of fat into the fat cells of the penis. Fiber comes with vegetables and herbs, removes from the body excess cholesterol compounds;
  • Nuts, raw cereal seeds with greens. Take a snack, as an independent dish at a time not more than 30 g (difficult to digest, in contrast to products containing animal protein and high calorie content). Nuts can be taken every day.

How does the process of restoring potency with the help of Omega 3 fatty acids occur in the body from the point of view of science?

ED recovery and foods that help erections

Omega 3 - fatty acids contain linoleic acid, which after some processes in the body is converted to a more active α-linoleic (α-alpha linoleic) acid. The molecule of alpha-linoleic acid from the general bloodstream penetrates into the cholesteric plaque of a thin vessel of the penis, divides into two atoms, captures fat (fatty acids) and releases it into the bloodstream and dissolves.

ed recovery and foods that help erections

The impotence preventive menu, which will help restore the potency:

  • Morning:
  • Water, green tea;
  • Fruit berries: avocado, feijoa, green gooseberry 70 g;
  • Spices: ground cloves five buds, 5 peas of fragrant black pepper, 1/5 of a starch of ground bean;
  • Salad from fresh vegetables: carrots, beets, bell peppers, hot red pepper 20g, greens: basil, chard, dill, parsley leaves of dandelion, nettle, sprouted lentils 40 g (contains more than 20 trace elements), add 15 grams of lard carotenoids need fats);
  • Carrot with beetroot;
  • Beef liver 70 - 100 g with soy sauce 30 ml;
  • Mashed potatoes 70 g.

Dining meal

  • Fruit berries -100 g: berries, cherries, dog-rose 100 g (contain a daily norm of vitamin C, little sugar), feijoa contains a daily norm of iodine, 5 buds of ground cloves, 1/4 part of a cinnamon stick;
  • Salad from fresh vegetables 100 g: tomato, cucumber, radish, onion garlic, hot boiled red pepper 20 g germinated lentils 40 g, 15 g any bran and purple greens: basil chard 10 g, refuel 1 h l unrefined flaxseed oil;
  • After 10 minutes we take the main course of a little salted herring 70-100 g with lemon and simple herbs - Water 100-200 ml drink 60 - 90 minutes at a temperature of 70 degrees.

The development of impotence contributes to many factors, improper nutrition - one of them. Because of the abuse of harmful products, cholesterol rises, the walls of blood vessels are depleted, blood pressure rises and blood circulation is disrupted.

How to prevent ed?

What foods are prohibited with erectile dysfunction:

  • semi-finished and fast food;
  • alcohol, carbonated drinks, energy;
  • white bread and buttery pastries;
  • abuse of sweets;
  • smoked meat, fat;
  • salted nuts and croutons;
  • chips;
  • dried fish;
  • pickling;
  • pasta;
  • rice and potatoes;
  • sausages.

Diet with impotence is a prerequisite for effective treatment. It is not difficult to observe it, since the list of allowed products is very large, and the dishes are varied and tasty. For good health, doctors advise men to abandon harmful food, alcohol and smoking, lead an active lifestyle, play sports, fully rest and sleep at least 7 hours a day.

How to prevent ED? Physical Activity as Prevention of Impotence

In order to prevent sexual disorders in time, it is necessary to begin preliminary prevention. One way to improve the potency is the daily exercise. Experts confirm that special physical activities help almost any man. The study showed that even the simplest exercise (contraction of the perineal muscles in any position) normalized male strength in 40% of the subjects, and 1/3 improved it.

How to get rid of ed with daily exercises?

  • Exercise 1

Starting position: it is necessary to stand upright and put your hands down. Begin by walking, lifting your knees as high as possible and pressing them to your stomach. During the exercise, the back should be straight, and the hands are lowered.

  • Exercise 2

Starting position: stand straight, put your hands on your waist, knees slightly bend. Begin to gradually bend your knees, straining and relaxing the muscles of the buttocks, as if you are holding a stone. After a full squat, return to the starting position, but do not unbend the knees to the end.

  • Exercise 3

Starting position: lie on your back, legs bend in the knees so that the feet completely touch the floor, hands should lie on the floor along the body. Slowly raise and lower the pelvis.

  • Exercise 4

Starting position: stand up straight, knees slightly bend. Begin running on the spot (more precisely, it looks like rocking from foot to foot), while only the heels can move, the socks should not come off the floor. Exercise should be done at a fast pace for one minute.

  • Exercise 5

Starting position: sit on a chair, spread your shoulders and lean forward slightly. Imagine that the chair is scattered croup, and your task is to collect it, using only the area between the testes and the anus. Periodically relax and again start the exercise. If you do everything right, the muscles of the buttocks will be practically relaxed.

  • Exercise 6

Starting position: similar to exercise number 3. Slightly spread your legs and begin to strain and relax the "muscles of potency", as if bringing the testicles and anus together. The muscles of the buttocks should be relaxed. The main thing in this exercise is not the number of approaches, but the tension force of the "muscle of potency".

When doing exercises, the main thing is gradually increase the load every day. You can start with 10 times for each exercise. You will feel the effect of such gymnastics in a few days.

How to prevent ed naturally?

At what age does ED start? Can 80 year old man get hard?

More than 100 years ago, the so-called doctrine of the Effertz appeared, according to which, the sexual possibilities of a man are limited to 5400 ejaculations throughout life. Thus, the author of this theory assured: the earlier a man began intimate relationships and the more he was engaged in sex, the faster his body would be exhausted and full impotence would come.

Can 80 year old man get hard?

Excesses in any sphere, including intimate life, can have a negative impact on human health. Male reproductive abilities can be virtually limitless, especially if one considers that the process of sperm formation occurs constantly.

Currently, problems with potency often arise even in young men, not only because of serious mental experiences, but also because of an unhealthy lifestyle in general. Can 80 year old man get hard in bed?

At what age does ed start?

So, according to clinical studies in the US, the frequency of the appearance of a weak potency depending on the age of a person is as follows:

  • at the age of 20 to 30 years, problems with potency occur in 21% of men;
  • from 30 to 40 years - in 27%;
  • from 40 to 50 years - in 48%;
  • over 50 years old - in 53% of men.

Thus, more than half the representatives of the stronger sex, who are older than 50, face problems in the intimate sphere. It should be taken into account that these indicators mean not the onset of complete impotence, but only the appearance of certain symptoms of erectile dysfunction, such as insufficient erection, weakening of potency or too early ejaculation.

Full impotence at this or that age is much less frequent.

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