What to Do with Impotence: Advice from Specialists

Sexual health of a man is an integral part of his life, which affects the psychoemotional state and general health. Any problems of the sexual sphere can adversely affect both the relationship with the partner and the entire social life of the person.

Unfortunately, more and more representatives of the stronger sex all over the world complain of a decrease in libido and a weak erection, which makes it impossible to have a full sexual intercourse. And doctors increasingly diagnose "erectile dysfunction". In order to select an adequate treatment for impotence, it is necessary to identify the reason for its appearance.

Who is Impotent? How do you know if you have ED?

As studies have shown, men who cross the 40-year boundary are in 60% susceptible to diseases associated with sexual dysfunction. This does not mean that each of them is impotent, but this risk increases with age. How to recognize the disease, and how can you diagnose it yourself? Many people are interested in how impotent look men and behave.

How do you know if you have ed?

There are several indicators for men who have a similar problem:

  • Shyness. Such a man will never insist on a night of love, joke from the invitation "for a cup of coffee." Often it seems that they are too respectable, but in fact such individuals of the stronger sex are simply afraid to show their weakness.
  • Excessive irritability. Because of constant thoughts about the problem associated with sexual function, the man begins to take extremely extreme hostility to all the "greasy" jokes and flirting of his half.
  • Diffidence. Quiet, indistinct speech, lowered gaze - the man clearly does not want you to open. And, consequently - there is a problem.
  • Signs of an incorrect way of life. If a man smokes a lot, is overweight and signs of starting alcoholism, it is unlikely that he will prove to be a sexual giant.

Of course, each of these signs of impotence is not yet an indicator of the problem, but having two or three at once is a reason to think seriously. In any case, if you see how the impotent behaves, try not to focus on this much attention until the full clarification of the circumstances.

Signs of ED

In order to notice the impotence at the initial stage, it is necessary to pay attention to such symptoms:

  • The decreased libido. Attraction to your beloved woman is weakening, and you do not want to indulge in romance? It's time to think what the reason is.
  • The lack of morning erection and softening of the penis during sex. This is the symptom that catches your eye right away, and causes only panic, but it should be the reason for going to a specialist.
  • The fast end of the sexual intercourse. If this happens involuntarily, pay special attention and go to the doctor.

What Should a Person Do with Erectile Dysfunction? ED treatment

In order to understand the mechanisms of the development of erectile dysfunction, let's see how this works. Normal sexual function of a man requires a normal interaction of the vascular, nervous systems, hormones, and psyche.

ED treatment for stronger erections

Reflexes that stimulate an erection are conducted through the nerves passing between the vertebrae in the place where the pectorals end and the lumbar vertebrae begin (thoracolumbar erection center), and also in the sacrum (sacral center of erection).

Therefore, assessing the severity of compression of the nerve roots of the herniated intervertebral disc, the doctor will always ask: is everything ok with the erection? Because if there was dysfunction, then this is already an alarming symptom of compression of a large neural bundle.

Erection, in fact, nothing more than the injection of blood into the porous (cavernous) tissues of the penis, so the role of local blood flow is determining. Whoever once inflated a rubber mattress, knows that it is necessary not only to blow with force, but also carefully cover the nipple into which air is blown in between sighs to avoid its leakage.

ED help and how to fix ed

Just here - the process consists in a sharp increase in local blood pressure in the cavernous bodies and in simultaneous overlapping of the venous outflow.

All these major local changes in blood flow under the influence of nerve impulses are regulated on site by the level of nitric oxide. If its level is low, then there will be problems with erection (by the way, the level of nitric oxide is proved lower in smokers compared to those who do not smoke).

How to treat ED? Best ed treatment

The maintenance of an adequate level of nitrogen oxide concentration explains the mechanism of work of Viagra and similar drugs. They block the action of the enzyme (phosphodiesterase-5), which accelerates the metabolism and excretion of sodium oxide from the cavernous bodies.

How to treat ed and best ed treatment

To learn the nature of impotence, it is possible with the help of the test. It is absolutely harmless. In medicine, it is considered that if problems with potency are only psychological, the man retains the so-called night spontaneous erections.

Get a strip of marks so long that it can be wrapped around the penis at rest. Tightly wrap the strip before going to bed. It is necessary to strengthen it so that it does not slip. In the morning, evaluate the result. With organic erectile dysfunction, a spontaneous erection will not occur.

If the disorder has a psychological basis, the swollen penis will stretch the strip a little, and it will tear. The test does not give a 100% guarantee, but it can serve as the first step for a cure. In any case, you should consult a doctor.

Is It Possible to Cure Impotence in Men? How to cure ED?

What to do with impotence? The first and mandatory: to lead a healthy lifestyle. Quit smoking! Lose weight! Stop worrying about what is happening: failures in bed happen absolutely to everyone and do not have to get hung up on them. There are not so many working medicines.

How to cure ed? ED treatment options and pills

These are already mentioned inhibitors of 5-phosphodiesterase:

  • Viagra - (sildenafil) starts working in one hour; duration, when the effect is still possible - 4 hours;
  • Cialis (tadalafil) - the beginning after 15 minutes; The time at which the action of the drug still persists is 36 hours.
  • Levitra (vardenafil) - the beginning after 30 minutes, duration - 4 hours.

Remember that grapefruit juice slows the excretion of Viagra from the body like some antibiotics (erythromycin groups) and antifungal agents (ketoconazole). And drugs to treat adenoma and prostatic hypertrophy - Doxazosin (Cardura) and Terazosin (Corn starch), used together with drugs like Viagra, can lead to a dangerous drop in blood pressure.

There is also Viagra for women.

What Kind of Doctor Should I Consult for Erectile Dysfunction?

I have ED - what can I do?

In view of the fact that various factors can provoke problems of the intimate plan, physicians of absolutely different profiles are engaged in the treatment of pathology. For example, in the presence of diseases of inflammatory pathogenesis in men, the treatment is prescribed by an andrologist or urologist. If there are problems with the psychological plan, which is not uncommon at present, it is necessary to apply to a therapist.

ED doctor and ed solutions

First, the andrologist conducts a basic examination. If no complications are found, then he prescribes the treatment and ed solutions, which usually refers to the patient's lifestyle, rather than the drug treatment, and consists of normalizing sleep, improving stress tolerance, eating healthy, playing sports, etc. If, during the first examination, other diseases are found that can cause a problem with the potency, then he will refer you to the appropriate specialist.

The vast majority of men, in the presence of problems of an intimate plan, turn to a urologist. This is the most correct and widespread option. The scope of this specialist is to identify and treat diseases of the sexual and excretory systems.

I have ed: what can I do?

In the event that the weakening of erectile function is the consequence of the pathologies of these systems, the urologist will prescribe an appropriate therapy scheme based on the individual characteristics of the patient and the specific nature of the disease. Do not be surprised by the latter, since in 20% of cases the problems causing impotence are in the head of the patient.

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